Hey there! You’ve stumbled upon Himitsu, my website full of little known things about the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series. I’ve noticed a lot of little easter eggs and bloopers in the series so I figured why not share them with the internet community? Some may be obvious or well known…and maybe some not so obvious. I also have a great interest in the many references, cultural and mythological made throughout the series. Plus you can also contact me and contribute as well. If you wish to do so, head to the appropriate section. Navigation is above and I hope you enjoy your stay.


Why? How?

The first incarnation of Himitsu (“Secret” in Japanese) focused on Anime and Video games actually. However over time i noticed most of my bloopers, etc were of my favorite anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. I went back and forth on the idea since i knew Betty Ann of The Oracle had started a similar section. In the end, I ended up making it and here it is. It is no where near complete, I admit i haven’t worked on it in ages. Most of my notes were lost in a computer crash April of 2008. However I hope to slowly add more to it in the future. So stay tuned.