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◊ small detail
ep012-666 When it shows the advertisement poster for the cruise ship, I couldn’t help but notice the passenger capacity is “666”. Which is supposedly the sign of the devil.
♣ easter egg
ep012-tickets When Rei is showing Ami the two tickets she won you can see it says “1992 5.30” meaning May 30th, 1992. This is the date the episode originally aired on TV.
♥ rabbit sighting
ep012-usacrate When Usagi is watching people board the ship for cruise you can see a huge crate behind her and luna. I think it is a pun…probably stands for United States of America but I think it also implies Usa as in Usagi or Usa-ko (Mamoru’s pet name for her).
◊ small detail
ep012-reilookalike1 When everyone is gathering in the reception hall, you can see a girl who looks almost exactly like Rei! Her dress and necklace are exactly the same, and she has black hair, although its a lot shorter. You can see Rei in the upper right hand corner when you see this look alike.