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♣ easter egg


When Mamoru is talking to Motoki, he is playing the crane machine. You can clearly see a Sailor V, Queen Beryl, Tuxedo Karmen and Sailor Mars plushie. You can also see a Kappa, and 2 dolls from Kingyo Chuihou.
♣ easter egg
ep019-tuxedoposter When Usagi comes into the Crown, whenever it shows Motoki and Mamoru you can see a poster behind Motoki. You can’t see it very well but it looks like Tuxedo Karmen. You can see the mask and top hat.
♣ ♥ moon/bunny sighting & easter egg
ep019-socks When Usagi is getting ready for her “date” with Tuxedo Karmen, she opens her sock drawer. You can see a pair of her socks has the fish from Kingyo Chuihou. There are also a pair of bunny and moon socks. On a very random note…who has “AH!” underwear?
♣ easter egg
ep019-kamenposter When Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Karmen are trapped in the elevator you can see a poster behind Tuxedo Karmen. Its a rather vague blue and red drawing of a guy in a top hat. perhaps Tuxedo Karmen?
♦ animation error
ep019-thinair When Mercury and Mars pull Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Karmen up, it shows them resting on the ground, however part of that area should be empty space because there is no elevator. In other words half of Tuxedo Karmen’s body is floating in mid air, and 3/4 of Sailor Moon’s body is. if you’re confused, see the picture up close.