Smile, Naru-chan! Usagi’s Friendship

↔ random note
Well there wasn’t really anything in this episode but 2 small but very weird things caught my eyes: both tombstones. The first pic I wonder if its supposed to be some kind of fake latin or just placeholder text….. lol. I tried to search for the meaning of these but never came across one. Anyways, second one…I just found it odd the tomb she standing on says “Colour Black”. Not sure if it means anything but its an odd name don’t you think? o_O;. Also Sailor Moon is standing on a tombstone… not very respectful. lol.

Protect the Childrens’ Dream! A Frienship Tied by Anime

◊ ♥ bunny sighting & small detail
In the very beginning of the episode there is a sign that says “usagi shoukuhin” (うさぎ食品). Shokuhin means “food stuffs” in Japanese.
♣ easter egg
ep021-sevenmart Before it shows Kazuko in the store it shows a shot of it outside. The sign says “sebun maato” (セブン・マアト), or “7 mart”. an obvious reference to 7-11, the mini mart chain.
♣ easter egg
ep021-licenseplate As Nephrite is driving to the studio in his car, you see a very quick shot of his license plate. it has the symbol that he puts onto items to posses them.
♣ easter egg
ep021-reibag When Ami and Usagi meet Rei outside their school she is seen holding a bag. On the bag is the goldfish from Kingyo Chuihou.
♣ easter egg
ep021-studiochibli When the phone rings in the studio it shows the bottom of a phone number board, and in katakana it says “sutajio chibiri” (スタジオ・チビリ). or studio chibli. an obvious parody of the famous studio “ghibli” run by Miyazaki Hayao.
♣ easter egg
ep021-poster As Kazuko runs out the door to find Hiromi you can see a poster on the wall, it has Sailor V, Tuxedo Karmen, Artemis, Mercury and Mars.

Summer, Sea, Holiday! And Ghosts, too

♦ animation error


When Ami, Usagi and Rei get lost in the forest, lightening starts. Shortly before this Usagi drops her basket on the ground and then when lightening flashes its gone momentarily. When the lightening is gone the basket is back. Its easy to see but hard to capture XD

Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Kamen’s Love Letter

♣ easter egg


When Mamoru is talking to Motoki, he is playing the crane machine. You can clearly see a Sailor V, Queen Beryl, Tuxedo Karmen and Sailor Mars plushie. You can also see a Kappa, and 2 dolls from Kingyo Chuihou.
♣ easter egg
ep019-tuxedoposter When Usagi comes into the Crown, whenever it shows Motoki and Mamoru you can see a poster behind Motoki. You can’t see it very well but it looks like Tuxedo Karmen. You can see the mask and top hat.
♣ ♥ moon/bunny sighting & easter egg
ep019-socks When Usagi is getting ready for her “date” with Tuxedo Karmen, she opens her sock drawer. You can see a pair of her socks has the fish from Kingyo Chuihou. There are also a pair of bunny and moon socks. On a very random note…who has “AH!” underwear?
♣ easter egg
ep019-kamenposter When Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Karmen are trapped in the elevator you can see a poster behind Tuxedo Karmen. Its a rather vague blue and red drawing of a guy in a top hat. perhaps Tuxedo Karmen?
♦ animation error
ep019-thinair When Mercury and Mars pull Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Karmen up, it shows them resting on the ground, however part of that area should be empty space because there is no elevator. In other words half of Tuxedo Karmen’s body is floating in mid air, and 3/4 of Sailor Moon’s body is. if you’re confused, see the picture up close.