what are those weird symbols?

As you browse through the site you must be wondering...what are those weird symbols in the headers? Well, the symbol represents a type of detail, etc. Here i will explain in more detail.

♣ the easter egg

A club (♣) means its a easter egg. A hidden reference to another show/movie or even to something else SM related. This could range from plushies of SM & non SM characters to a newspaper with the episodes airing date on it. :D

♥ symbol sighting

A heart (♥) means i spot something that represents a character. For the most part it'll be used when i find a bunny hidden or a moon somewhere. But this also mean if i find a senshi's symbol spotted somewhere.

♦ blooper

A diamond (♦) means i found a blooper or error that the animators made. From coloring something wrong to disappearing school bags.

◊ hidden detail

A loz (◊) means i found a detail that's not exactly an easter egg but i thought it was worth noting. Generally random signage or something i spotted in Japanese.

¥ cultural, mythological or etymological

A yen symbol (¥) means i found something that is cultural in nature. From a certain location, legend, or simple name origin, etc. I may reference it briefly but it will probably pop up in more detail under the culture section

↔ nothing else fits

A (↔) means i wanted to make note of something funny/random that doesn't quite fit into another category.

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