White Route

Hello and Welcome to White Route, the approved fanlisting for Sailor Venus' image song "Route Venus". The song is about choosing your own path even if it takes you to somewhere unkown or perhaps scary, it may even force you to seperate from dear ones. I feel this is one of the best songs Takeuchi-sensei has written for the anime series. If you are also a huge fan like me, please consider joining!

You are currently viewing version 2.0 of White Route which was added on May 31st, 2012. The images are from Episode 42 "Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Blighted Love". I felt the images from the end of the episode fit it well. The name White Route comes from the lyrics of the song. It is the route that is chosen for the other person in the song. Looking back now, i realized i made an error, Venus chooses the "Blue Route" in her song. lol. Maybe i thought at the time that White Route sounded better?

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